The Ugly Truth

This post is long, and it is much more personal than my posts usually are. But the theme of this post has not only been a part of my life but it is also something I hear about from friends and acquaintances. It’s just life…


1. You’ll never be truly happy with yourself. I know that sounds a little harsh, especially when there are thousands of Pinterest quotes trying to convince you that you’re perfect. I listen to women talk bad about themselves all the time, it’s almost impossible to go an entire day without saying something negative about your appearance. There are many things we can do to keep our heads high but all it takes is one dress that fits a little too tight, or a photo of a girl in a bikini to really make you feel like shit. My only advice is be the best you can be, whatever that looks like, all that matters is that you’re happy with yourself (chubby belly and all).

2. Jealousy and other bad relationship traits are a serious bitch. This ties in with #1 because that girl in a bikini who looks like a damn Victoria’s Secret wannabe is basically having eye sex with your partner and all you can think about is smashing her face in the wall. But step back and take a breath, yes she’s hot and probably looks better naked than you but is it her fault that she looks that way? No it’s not! I wish we could blame those hot girls for being so hot but we can’t, they actually spend time to look that way. For your piece of mind just remember that jealousy is kind of a good thing between a couple, it means you give a shit! Don’t smash anyone’s face in a wall and just trust the person you’re with.

3. Get off of your phone! I am guilty of this one, staring and scrolling and digging into photos and reading into comments and likes…it’s exhausting! Whether you’re stalking your ex best friend or making sure that the bikini girl isn’t having a flirt off with your boyfriend, just remember that nothing good comes from this. You will make things up in your mind that aren’t even true and you will spend hours thinking of ways to make them into something. Is all of that really worth a fight? Is it really worth being that girlfriend that is constantly freaking out and worrying about what the other person is doing on their phone? Trust me…you don’t want to be that person.

4. And finally, stop being a little cry baby, if you don’t like something then change it. If you just sit around and bring up the bikini girl, your fat arms, your boyfriends Instagram likes, you will drive yourself insane. I know this from personal experience, I know that all it takes is one small thing to set you off into a jealous/insecure/paranoia that feels impossible to break free from. It hurts every inch of your body because you feel 2nd best, you hang onto every word, every time you want to be called beautiful/sexy and you get called cute…but really all that matters is that you think you’re beautiful/sexy, even with your insecurities.

While this post may seem like a mini therapy session or a rant on my part, really it’s about accepting yourself for who you are and not worrying about all of the things that hurt you. Worry about the things that matter, like being a better version of yourself. The jealousy, low confidence, and bikini girl hatred will probably always be there in someway but isn’t it easier to just accept those things as a part of life and just move on from there. Being happy is worth it.


Photos Taken By: Vinny Henderson, through times that were so good and the times that were so damn bad you are still my rock, my world, my everything. “For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I am with you, it just happens.” – Vinny Henderson

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