Sprung B+W Photo Story

Spring has sprung and the world is starting to bloom with vibrant colors…but I am still so in love with black and white photography and captivated by it’s ability to portray a different kind of vibrancy. Typically when I buy film I always make sure to buy at least one roll of black and white because there is something really gritty about black and white photos. I am drawn to the shadows and the depth that you get when you focus on something while shooting in black and white.

As I come out of the shadows and start posting more it is important to me that I share photo stories like the one below, it is not always about what we wear or who we hang out with…it is about the simple things that make us happy. The smile on my face while playing with a mini donkey is probably the most genuine thing I have seen in a while and having it caught on film is very special to me. Find someone who appreciates the same things that you do and enjoy the little things, in the end you will have a lifetime of memories to look back on.


All photos taken on a Minolta 35mm in the Texas Hill Country + My house

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