Not So Much Fashion

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Normally, you would see a line above this where I list what I am wearing and where you can buy similar looks…trust me you don’t even want what I am wearing today. In these photos I am completely undone, uncaring, unfiltered, and most importantly unaware of how I look…mainly because we took these on my day off and all I wanted was to do exactly this. I wanted to spend the day wearing my baggiest shorts, softest tee, and preferably no makeup (or shoes for that matter). The lack of shoes comes from my childish instincts to jump in any form of water that I can, even if it is dirty San Antonio street water…I mean I could see the concrete through the water so that means it’s can’t be too bad right?! All jokes aside, it has been an interesting year of self exploration so far, I have learned more about myself and come to know things about me that I never thought about before. For example, I learned that I am very patient compared to a lot of people, I always thought of myself to be impatient but with age i think I just brush more off my shoulder. So as I stand in trash infested water I can’t help but think, is this normal? Would most people feel so free just wandering through this rainstorm backwash? Not be all “metaphor-y” but this is how life is…are you willing to stand in all the crap that the world throws at you? Now, I know this all seems a little dramatic and pretty over the top for some photos in a big puddle but sometimes it takes seeing yourself in photos like these to realize how great each day can be if we just breathe and enjoy it. 

If you still are dying to know where I got those butt sagging shorts and black tee from:

Shorts – Zara + Cut @ Home by VinnyTee – Urban Outfitters About 5 Years Ago

Go out and get wet today + Holla Back



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