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As an image consultant I hear a lot of negativity coming out of women’s mouths, and I am talking about negativity towards themselves. Body image issues are a part of our culture and it is really hard to avoid them, being confident is not as easy as it sounds. Since high school I have been a size 6/28 and gone up and down for years, but once I turned 25 I slimmed out a bit and dropped some lbs … but don’t let that fool you, I still have a lot of wiggle on me. Would I like to tone up and lose a few extra pounds? Yes of course I would…am I killing myself over it? Hell no! 

And this is why:

I like to eat, I like to be happy, I like having breakfast tacos at ridiculous hours complete with queso, I like living my life the way it is. That being said I have recently vowed to myself that I would exercise more and lighten up on the portions, fairly simple changes but they can make all the change in the world. Having a mindset like this has taken me years to accomplish, I am around so many beautiful women that tear themselves down it can be challenging to not feel the same way. 

Going forward into the second half of my 20’s I hope to feel this same level of peace with myself, and I hope it encourages other women to feel the same way. I think being happy with yourself comes down to accepting your unhappiness and making the changes necessary to turn it around, basically STOP COMPLAINING AND FIX IT. 

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and realize that there are so many other people in the world dealing with much larger issues then your muffin top or arm giggle.

Smile and be happy, you won’t regret it.



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