Fresh Air, Fresh Mind.

2017 has been a year of…growing…to put it gently, and my recent get away to visit my gal pal out in Northern California I can safely say DAMN IT FEELS […]

Sprung B+W Photo Story

Spring has sprung and the world is starting to bloom with vibrant colors…but I am still so in love with black and white photography and captivated by it’s ability to […]

Day dreaming. 

Day dreaming is something I do a lot, although I’m not sure if I would always classify it as dreaming…sometimes I sit back and picture past memories, future adventures, and […]

Not So Much Fashion

Normally, you would see a line above this where I list what I am wearing and where you can buy similar looks…trust me you don’t even want what I am […]

Girls + Flowers

Me + my dog + an old ASOS dress + and a shit load of flowers. Taken by Bae aka Vinny holla back