The Life We Live

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San Antonio, Tx – 2015

Hello Old Friends,

My name is Jenna and I am a blogger err writer/image consultant/public relations and digital media connoisseur/adidas lover/crop top specialist/believer in the size 6 generation of women/and lover of all things adventure. 

Well that was a mouth full wasn’t it?

This post is about rejuvenation and exploring a different side of my life, separated from fashion and the typical #OOTD (peep my instagram for that)…this is about the life that I am lucky enough to live. This has been a year of personal growth and it has helped me realize that I might have more tricks up my sleeve and I want to share them. From now on you will see the following on this blog:


Music from the people I know, admire, and also genuinely trust with what goes in my ears.

Travel, mainly in photo gallery form because words just never do it justice.

and lastly…contributions from people much more experienced than I am to help with things like beauty, health, music recommendations, must see sites and apps, and art that only a true artist’s eye can spot.

This is a new blog, a new place to go for outside the box lifestyle write-ups.

If you have something to contribute, sent me an email and let’s see what we can do together. 


Holla Back

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